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gamethon tournamentsTournament - Single player games

  • Your highscore can earn you money
  • Daily Income Touraments
  • Live for 24Hrs Daily
  • Play Unlimited times untill the tournament is live
  • Only your highscore is accounted
  • Keep playing to improve your rank

gamethon battleBattle - Multiplayer games

  • 2,3,4 player games
  • Play with friends for real money
  • Search opponents and play with them
  • Instead credit of winning amount to wallet.
  • Some games give you money even if you loose.
  • Addictive games with interesting gameplay

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Play over 40+ games and win cash!
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Top Games on GAMETHON

Play over 40+ games and win cash!


Play Online Games and earn money this lockdown

The pandemic led to a worldwide lockdown, preventing people from meeting their friends or indulging in any kind of social activities. Sitting at home was not only boring but unfruitful as well. However, with online platforms like Gamethon, all of this is about to change.

Gamethon is an android application that allows its users to play some of the most famous games like Ludo, Solitaire, Uno card, cricket, basketball, fruit blast, knifecool and more. You must be thinking, what is so special about playing the games already available on the play store? Well, when you use Gamethon to Play Online Games, you can earn money from it as well.

Why is Gamethon considered to be the Best Gaming App in the industry?

Gamethon has been in the industry for quite some time and has seen a steady rise in its popularity. This is evident from the good reviews on the app store. The application is not only easily navigable but prompt and reliable. There is no underlying loophole, and all your winnings can easily be transferred directly to your bank account. Along with that, the ample choices of popular games and easy-to-use controls really add to its performance. All such benefits were never combined in one application before Gamethon, hence making Gamethon what it is today.

What are the ways to earn money by Play Gamethon for Play Online Games?

Once you have logged on to the website, it is very simple to navigate. The developers at Gamethon have come up with interesting game formats to keep you enticed and continue playing. There are two modes where you can earn real-time money,

gamethon tournaments Daily Income Tournaments and gamethon battle Online Battles.

gamethon battle

In an online battle, 2 players compete against each other, either to beat the opponent or to score higher to win the round. Two real users are matched with each other making the game more interesting and challenging.

gamethon tournaments

Your High Score can win you money. The Daily Income Tournament games are more time constricted. Even though these games allow the user to win more money, this form are only live for a stipulated time. Once a user joins, they can play unlimited times for as long as the tournament is live, and their rankings will increase depending on their scores. Only the highest score is accounted for final ranking. At the very end of the game, each player's scores are tallied, and the prizes distributed according to the ranks.

As soon as Gamethon's system validates and verifies the winnings, the balance is directly transferred to your Bank account. Sometimes there are more interesting tournaments that allow you to Play Online Games For a prize pool of over ₹1 lakh Daily Winnings. These games has Dynamic prize pool meaning win money inicreases with the increase of participation of people.

If you are getting bored at home, you should definitely download Gamethon without any delay and turn gaming into an easy way to earn money from home. You can also invite your friends to a particular game and compete with them to see who has the best gaming skills. Rest assured, with Gamethon, not only will you improve at gaming, but also get richer while doing it.